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Air Track Drills To Improve Your Tumbling Ability

Mar, 29, 2022

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Are you a little stuck on your tumbling routine? Don't be worried, this article here to help you. While there are multiple ways to use the air track mat, we've compiled the most effective exercises that will help you improve your tumbling skills

For the front toss

Place the air rail in the middle of the floor with a crash pad and use it for a front push-up or front push-up step.

For handstand dips
If you have limited space, add a vault or a wooden block. This allows the gymnast to replace the round-off and immediately start working on the pass, making it easier for them to tumble on the air rail. This is also great for whipping, as the height of the block allows enough gravity to generate momentum.

For standing passes or tumbling uphill
Add a ramp! Once again the ramp has been modified to make the most of the tight space, allowing gymnasts to develop aggression and power in their pin kicks, which are essential when learning to tumble in a variety of movements.

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Add some carpet
Sometimes it can be scary to go straight from the air track to the ground, so adding some carpet to the air track helps create that contrast. Adding carpet helps the air track feel firmer, just like the floor, and helps gymnasts adjust their footing accordingly.

For a DIY rear hand spring
Don't have a hand spring trainer? Then use a flexible coil! Basically, the roll needs to measure at least to the gymnast's hips in order to allow the gymnast to 'throw' the skill and give them the support they need.

To sum up
Have a try! The air track mat drills from Kameymall could improve your tumbling ability to an extreme that other air track mat couldn’t do.

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