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Not Clear About Your Purchased Wig Sort? Read Guidance Here!

Apr, 12, 2022

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Wigs we are all familiar with, but do you know about the classification of wigs? Many people are wondering, some wigs can be bought as long as a few tens of dollars, but some are thousands of big, why the same wig gap will be so big, we should choose a wig for their own? 

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How to choose wigs upon large scale of human hair wigs

According to material classification, human hair wigs can be divided into human hair, chemical fiber hair, animal hair, mixed hair these kinds, which each kind of hair is also good and bad points, such as with human hair can be divided into braided hair, color hair, bubble hair, etc.;  Chemical fiber hair can be divided into high temperature silk, common silk, etc.  

Divided according to the production mode, it can be divided into woven hair, half weaving hair, all hand-made hair, hair weaving is the wig machine production in large quantities, the price is low, authenticity is not ideal, relatively heavy, poor permeability is easy to make the hair follicles, knot easily, and hand hair is pure manual simulation knits, with high fidelity and good permeability, wearing comfortable,;  Semi-woven hair is given between the two.  



The above two categories should be said to be the two main ways of division, in addition, human hair wig type we can also be divided from the needs of use, suitable for the crowd. For example, according to the classification of hair products, you can be divided into clockwork, hair block, hair pieces, hair sets, bangs this category, as well as a variety of derivative small categories. The wigs can be divided into animation wigs, women's wigs, men's wigs, wigs for the elderly with white hair, stage props and so on. In general, the cheaper the material, the rougher the work, and the more exaggerated the effect, the cheaper the wig.  For example, the wig of 2 yuan animation that teenager likes is the coarsest chemical fiber silk, machine crochet comes out, hair cover is very thick, do not ask what true feeling, see the price is very cheap, generally in 50~200 yuan or so can be bought.  Click on Kameymall to know more.


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