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Woemn’s Clothes (Chapter 2)

Dec, 18, 2021

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The last article introduced blouse, cardigan, crop top, and sexy bikini: This article will continue to introduce all kinds of women's clothes.

goth bikini swimsuit
Dress shirt

Formal shirts are also called business shirts. It is a close-fitting upper garment, and the front of the garment is provided with a row of buttons to fix the garment from top to bottom.
Halter neck vest (halterneck)
A neck vest, also known as a neck tether coat, is characterized by a belt passing through the back of the neck. The wearer will expose the back of the neck and most of the back.
Henry shirt
Henry shirt is a collarless shirt with a row of about two to six buttons on the chest, which makes the collar Y-shaped and looks like a collarless polo shirt.

Polo shirt
A Polo shirt, also known as a tennis shirt, is a half open design with a row of about two to four buttons on the chest. The polo shirt has a collar.

Sleeveless shirt
A garment, especially a sleeveless shirt, with no sleeves showing the whole arm from the shoulder peak. Sleeveless shirts are generally worn by women, and sometimes Camisole is also classified as sleeveless shirts.

A sweater is a sweater woven by machine or hand.

Polo neck
Round high collar, also known as a high lapel and high round collar, is a common fashion design.

A T-shirt is a T-shaped collarless shirt, usually without a front opening and buttons.
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