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Frequent Asked Questions About Air Track Mat

Jun, 13, 2022

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The air track is an inflatable landing surface or tumbling mat for gymnasts, parkour enthusiasts and cheerleaders. Commercial-grade air tracks, like all of our gymnastics, are capable of giving you a safe and stable landing with professional springs. And it's a portable, lightweight mat that lets you train quickly and easily in shared spaces and at home.

What are air tracks used for

Used in a wide range of sports, from professional to amateur, from gymnasts to cheerleaders, the air track allows for soft, well-planted landings and high-fill take-offs.

What are the advantages of air tracks
First of all, the air track is very portable, so you can move it around however you want. As a result, you can use it at home or at the gym. Second, the air track can reduce the risk of injury to the user. Finally, the air track allows gymnasts to practice skills again and again, gaining confidence and mastering new skills.

Can air tracks go outside
Air Tracks are great for indoor and outdoor use. Just be sure to use your air track outdoors on a smooth, level surface. If you choose to use your air track outdoors, you must ensure that the surface is free of sharp objects.

What are air tracks made of
Regarding air track mat, our air track is made of high-grade polyvinyl chloride, which is able to provide people with a soft, non-slip, durable surface, and it is easy to clean. Reinforced 0.2mm vertical seam double wall fabric (DWF) constitutes the main body of the air track. The DWF surface consists of two layers of coated fabric, held together by thousands of small threads.

How to inflate an air track
Depending on your budget, air tracks can be easily inflated with a foot or an electric pump. Foot-operated air pumps can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you have the budget, I suggest you use an electric air pump. You just need to plug in the power, turn on the switch, and inflate the gym mat in no time.

Where to buy air track mat
Kameymall has all kinds of air track mat, different sizes, different shapes, welcome to Kameymall to choose.

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