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Home news Product Tips You Must Have Some Common Sense Of Safety Shoes!
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You Must Have Some Common Sense Of Safety Shoes!

Aug, 25, 2022

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Safety footwear is a type of footwear that provides safety and protection for the feet. There are many types of it, such as toe protection, puncture protection, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, etc. The choice of safety footwear should be based on the nature of the hazards and the degree of danger in the working environment. A reliable pair of safety shoes should have a product certificate of conformity and product instructions. Before use you should read the instructions against the conditions of use and ensure that they are used in the correct way. For special protective labour shoes, they should be inspected and kept clean after use and stored in a pollution-free and dry environment.

safety shoes

Recommend a pair of safety shoes from Kameymall

In the picture above, you can see a man wearing a pair of black shoes and stepping on a floor full of sharp nails, and a hammer is about to hit him on the toe. It's a really scary scene, but he's got a lot of confidence in these shoes. It turns out that these are a pair of safety shoes from Kameymall that combine both smash and puncture protection. The main function of the anti-smash shoe is to prevent falling objects from hitting the feet, with impact-resistant material on the front pack toe of the shoe, while the anti-puncture shoe is for underfoot protection against various hard objects. And so on.

How do I use safety shoes?

Firstly, in addition to choosing the right type of safety footwear for the operating conditions, they should also fit well and be comfortable to wear, which is important to carefully select the right size of labour protection footwear. Secondly, the protection should have a slip-resistant design, not only to protect the person's feet from injury, but also to prevent accidents caused by slip and fall on the operator. Moreover, a variety of safety shoes with different properties should meet the technical specifications of their respective protective properties, such as no smashing of the toes, no stabbing of the soles of the feet, insulation and electrical conductivity, and other requirements. In addition, safety shoes should be carefully checked or tested before use. In electrical and acid and alkali work, broken and cracked safety shoes are dangerous. Finally, safety shoes should be properly stored after use. Rubber safety shoes should be rinsed with water or disinfectant and dried out after use to prolong their life.

What kind of safety footwear would you pick?

There are really many different types of safety footwear, which one would you pick? If you want to learn more about safety shoes or get a pair for yourself, you can come to Kameymall to find out. You can find both men's safety shoes and safety shoes for women here.


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