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Home news Product The Effective Use Of Mini Air Track Mats In Ball Games (Part 2)
mini air track gym mat 2022

The Effective Use Of Mini Air Track Mats In Ball Games (Part 2)

Jun, 18, 2022

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Do you like to play basketball? Did you know that it is also possible to improve your basketball skills using a small gymnastic mat? Let's take a look if you don't believe us.

air track mat

Recommend air track mats

Here I would recommend the mini air track mat to gymnasiums or kindergartens that have more money to spend, as it is more flexible than traditional mats and drains the air, it is easy to store and does not take up much space. Next, let's take a closer look at how the mini air track mat can help in ball skills training.

Some ways and techniques to use the small gymnastic mat in basketball classes

The "marching pass and catch" is a fundamental part of the basketball curriculum. The key to the technique is the coordination of passing and catching, but in practice, after a long time of learning, many girls are still unable to coordinate their hands and footwork, and the phenomenon of walking is serious. The main reason for this is that girls have a small stride and step up range; the timing of the stride catch and step up pass is not accurate enough, resulting in the upper and lower limbs not coordinating with each other, and the practice method is single and lacking interest. In order not to give students the psychological fear of obstacles, but also conducive to guide students to quickly master the difficulties of this technical action, we can choose small gymnastics mat as an obstacle. The specific practice is: in the students catch the ball and pass the ball at the ground are placed across the open 60 x 120cm small folding gymnastics mat, practice requires students must step across the 60cm wide mat to meet the ball; must leap over the 60cm wide mat in the step before the feet hit the ground to pass the ball. In this way the students naturally increase their stride length in order to be able to step over the mat, and the striding movement can be clearly made. After practising until students can coordinate their hands and feet, remove the gymnastics mat and let them do it again, they will be able to perform this key technical movement with ease. If students are asked to pass and receive two movements in a row, simply place the two mats next to each other about 50 cm apart and set up a student on one side of the mat to pass the ball. In the teaching process, you can also give full play to the flexibility and creativity of students' learning methods, allowing students to set up their own obstacles and design various forms of practice methods and competition games, so that the small gymnastic mats can play a role in basketball lessons and effectively improve the efficiency of the basketball classroom.


In conclusion, in PE teaching we can develop many ideas for the use of small gymnastic mats in teaching as long as we open our minds and think positively. We can also inspire students to think proactively and innovatively in their teaching and assist teachers in exploring and developing new applications for the small gymnastic mat together. If you would like to choose the mini air track mat for your own students, I think Kameymall is a shop worth recommending to you.

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