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The Game Cat And Mouse

Mar, 31, 2022

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The air track mat is widely used in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, which can enrich the classroom to a great extent. Today, I would like to share with you a game for kindergarten or primary and secondary school children that requires gymnastic mats, which I hope will be useful for teachers.

air track mat

Cat and mouse

Objectives of the game

To develop the ability to run and jump and to improve quick reflexes. To master the technique of forward rolls with low head and balled up body. Cultivate the spirit of defying the strong, opening the mind and challenging difficulties.


Game method

Place small mats up on the outside of a 20m diameter circular track, with one student behind each mat. One student is chosen to play the role of the "cat", standing in the centre of the circle and doing various unarmed movements, while the other students are the "mice", and jogging along the circular track or making various movements (clapping, jumping, trotting, running in small steps, etc.). The "cat" shouts "stop" and the "mouse" quickly hides behind a mat. The "mouse" will only be caught by the "cat" if it bows its head deeply and unites its body, otherwise the roles will be switched. If each "mouse" does a good job, the "cat" can guess who the "mouse" is behind any of the mats, and if it is correct, the roles will be exchanged; if it is wrong, the game will continue with the original roles.

Rules of the game

A mouse can only hide behind one mat and make a head-down and body-up movement. A mouse with its head exposed is considered to be caught and needs to switch roles to continue the game.

Game variations

Scenarios such as eagle and chick, wolf and lamb can be established; in between students can use activities such as "little ball", jumping and jumping, balancing on one knee.


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