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Size Selection For Safety Shoes

Feb, 19, 2022

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With the bloom of economy, more and more people who work in dangerous places choose to buy safety shoes to protect themselves. But some of them are still confused with how to choose the size of safety shoes.

How to choose

The market isn't commonly standard for shoe sizes, so a reliable way to choose a reliable store online or to choose the right safety shoe after trying it on.
The toe of the shoe should feel comfortable, the steel toe of the shoe should not produce extrusion and jamming of the foot, the toes should be able to move flexibly when you wear the shoes.So the basic points of selection should not be overlooked. The main aspects are as follows.

1.The front tip of the safety shoe should be left with a certain space, especially for safety shoes, as the front tip has a hard steel head, so when you are wearing them, you should pay attention to the toe to have enough space.
2.There are many people who choose the bigger safety shoes than the usual shoes to wear. These are the safety shoes in the production in accordance with the national requirements to increase. So you needn’t buy the bigger one.
3.The heel of the safety shoe is not too tight or too loose to fit the heel of the foot.
4.The upper of the safety shoes do not squeeze the back of the foot.
5.The waistband of the safety shoe matches the arch of the foot and the waistband must hold the foot. If you stand for long periods of time, you should have enough room to move your toes. Otherwise, they will be in a squeezed state for a long time and it will cause a lot of damage to your feet.

Welcome to Kameymall
If you hope to ensure safety with safety shoes, you must choose the shoes with correct ways. Don’t be worried if you lack enough time to try on shoes. Because it’s better worthwhile for buying safety shoes from Kameymall where there are the highest-quality safety shoes for you.

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