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Choose An Air Track Mat Rather Than The Trampoline

Dec, 11, 2021

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If you want to practice gymnastics or you want your child to be an excellent gymnast in the future, high-quality sports equipment is essential. However, some people confuse an air track mat with other similar types of products, such as trampolines. So what are the differences between them?


Differences in safety

Safety must come first before you choose a product for practicing gymnastics, and safety is one of the biggest differences between air track mat and trampoline. According to HuffPost, the amount of trampoline-related injuries between the years 2002 and 2011 was over 1 million. Out of those injuries, 300,000 involved broken bones and 92.7% were in kids younger than 16. The fall height, springs, and poor maintenance are the factors that lead to injuries. The air track mat is usually 4-8 inches from the floor and is very easy to maintain.

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Differences in functions
In some sports like parkour and gymnastics, the ability to control the amount of resistance the floor gives you is very important. When you need a softer landing, you can choose less air. And when you are more confident with the trick, you can add more air, so it will be like a proper spring floor in the end. You can only choose one setting and you can’t be able to practice for real games and higher-level skills with a trampoline.


Differences in values
When you consider investing in something like an air track mat or a trampoline, you want it to be worth the money you spend. However, trampolines have limited functions due to size and weight, the places you can use them is your backyard or a park. Instead, an air track is very portable, which allows you to have more choice (i.e. waterslide or pool island). You can also bring it almost anywhere: to a friend’s house, beach, park, etc. Maintaining it is an important thing that you must also consider. A trampoline is not only time-consuming to clean but also labor-intensive and pricey to repair if components are damaged.


Buy a mat for your training
After reading this blog, you are likely to have a simple understanding of the differences between them. If you want to practice gymnastics, please choose an air track mat rather than the trampoline. Kameymall provides a lot of kinds of these mats, we hope that you will have a good shopping experience here.

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