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Home news Product Three Important Things Preventing Pits Whilst Buying Wigs!
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Three Important Things Preventing Pits Whilst Buying Wigs!

Apr, 26, 2022

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Recently heard a lot of small partners said to buy a wig pit, we really feel distressed, is our usual popular science is not enough! That today we will be divided into 3 aspects, to give you a pit prevention small guide!  

Quality of hairs applied

The hair quality of human hair wigs, is divided into grades, from bad to good in turn for bubble hair, cut hair, smooth bubble hair, smooth cut hair, smooth braid hair.  Of course, there is the most spicy chicken color hair, is with white hair, yellow hair dyed + special treatment of the hair.  A lot of businesses to their real hair marked as "real hair", we do not see a real hair feel this wig is very high-grade, must ask clearly, in the end is what level of hair. If you're on a budget, go with braids.  The pursuit of cost-effective words to buy shun haircut;  Hot chicken bubble hair must not buy, basic hair after washing.  

human hair wig


Wig craft is divided into hand knitted and woven, hand-woven scalp is divided into no simulation of ordinary hand-woven technology and simulation of the scalp needle technique, pass the needle technique, partial and separate the top needle, before and after the first half of the first pass needle, needle, needle full head handed, ordinary people see these estimates have been dizzy, but I still suggest that we must points clear, because the process is different, the price can be a lot.  

In fact, it is very simple, the needle transfer process is named according to the simulation scalp area, the top of the head is the finger tip rotation part of the needle transfer simulation scalp, the first half of the head refers to the first half of the needle transfer simulation scalp, before and after refers to the front and back of the side without simulation scalp, the whole head refers to the whole wig is simulation scalp.  


The length of the  

Many people complain that we use inches instead of centimeters, because inches are the most official and orthodox unit of length for wigs. On the contrary, we must pay attention to those who only use the number of centimeters to mark, not careful may be pit.  This is because wigs come in odd and even inches, with the odd having a single end and the odd having two short hair layers.  For example, a 17-inch wig is 45 centimeters long, while a 14-inch wig is 50 centimeters long.  The hair of 17 inches is whole from top to bottom it is 45 centimeters, 14 inches however use the 50 centimeters that the hair of two 35 centimeters joins together gives. This is also a very easy place to pit, be sure to ask the number of inches, or ask whether the hair ends.  


Hair qualitative, craft and hair length also are the basic element that decides a wig, these 3 factors want to have a bit different only, the price can difference hundreds of dollars, must ask clear when buying so, do not be deceived by those words place that have deceptive sex. Last but not least, don’t forget to fetch your ideal wigs on Kameymall now and get discount. 

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