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Wash Your Bikinis Properly

Nov, 23, 2021

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There is no doubt that summer is the best season to wear bikinis. However, between the sunscreen, saltwater, sand, chlorinated pool, and mysterious lake water, the wear and tear on your sexy bikini can make you bad! To keep your suit looking bright and fresh while removing odors and getting rid of chemicals, please clean it in a correct way.

Washing must come first. Always, always wash your bikinis immediately after wearing, even if you don’t get wet.


Precautions for cleaning

Body oils, lotions, sunscreens, chlorine, and salt water easily work their way into bikinis. “The longer these elements soak into the fabric the more damage they do to colorfastness, stretch and recovery.” Throwing your bikinis into the washing machine won't work either. The agitation from the washing machine is rough on straps, fibers, fabric, and other pieces. Instead, hand washing is an effective and simple way to keep the suit clean.

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Use natural bikinis cleaner
This easy natural bikinis cleaner is made with vinegar instead of soap. Along with being antiviral and antimicrobial, white vinegar is a natural and effective odor and stain remover. Vinegar also helps to keep your clothing colors bright and fade-free. On the other hand, soap and detergents, which contains a wide variety of chemicals and fragrances linked to endocrine dysfunction, asthma, and a plethora or other health issues.

Use natural cleaner, fill a sink with cold water and add a quarter cup of white vinegar. Let the bikinis soak for thirty minutes (remember not to mix colors). After soaking, rinse suit with cool water and use hands to gently squeeze out the excess vinegar and water solution. Never wring or twist the bikinis to prevent stretching and fading. Finally, dry flat away from direct sun or heat.


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