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How To Know If My Shoes Are Water-proof Or Not?

Jun, 20, 2022

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We know that there are many functions and types of labor shoes, for waterproof labor shoes, in some muddy water working environment or the ground for years wet space is a necessary shoe workers. Of course, waterproof labor protection shoes are not limited to vamp waterproof, sole also should prevent slip. This is also for the safety of workers' feet and bodies. That xiaobian to introduce to you how to choose waterproof labor protection shoes.  

Principle of waterproof safety shoes  

Say the principle of waterproof safety shoes for women above all, waterproof labor protection shoe is to rely on what will waterproof, it is a layer of grease, paraffin, rubber or a variety of thermoplastic resin on the besmear on fabric surface, in order to fill the pore of fabric surface, achieve waterproof purpose. So even if there is water on the vamp, it can't get in. Of course, the disadvantage is also in, the fabric is not breathable.  

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How to choose waterproof shoes  

Waterproof labor protection shoes how to choose? How do we know if the waterproof labor protection shoes function properly? See vamp material above all, waterproof labor protection shoes are generally artificial leather, PU is made by chemical material polyurethane and fiber layer foam composite, its characteristics are strong toughness, waterproof, good permeability.  

At the same time, pay attention to not violent damage shoes  

Secondly, use a simple and crude way to test, with water flushing uppers, it will be found in the uppers condensation into water is not permeable, this waterproof uppers, is through chemical reaction into a film, so as to isolate water. The vamp of such material has better crack resistance.  We can also see the weatherability of labor protection shoes, refers to the vamp due to the influence of external conditions such as sunlight, temperature change, wind and rain, and the fading, discoloration and a series of aging phenomenon. For more information on safety shoes, visit Kameymall.  



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