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air tumble track mat for yoga

Wow! Do Yoga On Water!

Jun, 23, 2022

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Yoga can improve our body shape and enhance our temperament. It is accepted by many that people who practice yoga must have a very good temperament, because to a large extent, temperament is determined by body shape. People who practice yoga over a long period of time will become tighter and more elegant. You will gradually become familiar with the body and your body will continue to become more supple. You will learn more appropriate postures and you will walk and stand in all situations with unparalleled grace. You will hear the compliments of others and develop a unique aura. The various asanas of yoga will help you build every muscle, improve your body control, burn fat and boost your metabolism, help you get into great shape and thus increase your aura.

Why do I know so much about it? Actually, I am a yoga enthusiast and have been practising yoga for four years. Some time ago, after I purchased an air tumble track from kameymall, my yoga experience has simply been transformed. Why? You read on.

air track
Practising yoga on the water

I used to use a traditional yoga mat for my yoga practice at home. Since I switched to THE AIR TRACK MAT, I can actually do my yoga practice on water because I found that the inflatable AIR TRACK MAT can carry me through my exercises on water. This is an amazing experience as I rarely rowed as a child. Also, it was a great experience to do exercises on the pool in the summer and when I got tired I could just jump into the water and swim.

Good for photos

An air track mat is made up of a coloured border and a white surface, which you can refer to in the picture above. The design is very youthful and I like to use it as a backdrop for photos.
The colour of the border of the air track mat can be chosen by us. I liked the sky blue colour, so I purchased a sky blue mat. The face of the mat can then also be customised with your favourite pattern or photo. I chose a fish motif. Such a beautiful and youthful mat, really perfect for appearing in photos.

Easy to carry

As we have already mentioned, the air track mat is inflatable, which means that we can fill it with air using the air pump when we want to use it, and simply let the gas out when we want to put it away. It can be folded into a small piece and placed in the boot of the car, or even handheld. We can easily take it anywhere we want to go.

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