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What Are The Benefits of Putting on Safety Shoes?

Feb, 11, 2022

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Safety shoes keep feet safe from injury and keep them from becoming exhausted. This is especially true for factory workers who are on the front lines of danger.
As a result, safety shoes are just as necessary as any other form of personal protection. Perhaps even more so.
Employers may fail to comply with safety shoes rules even if they give safety shoes to their employees. This could be due to incorrect sizing, discomfort, or a failure to match the hazard.
Wearing safety shoes, on the other hand, greatly reduces workplace accidents. As a result, offer workers with safety shoes that give complete protection.

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Workplace foot injuries and how to prevent them

Accidents will happen, but there are always ways to prevent them.
The purpose of safety shoes for workers must be understood by both employers and employees. Before beginning any task, it is critical to wear safety shoes in the workplace.
As a result, here are some safety advice for protecting your feet by wearing protective work shoes.

Employers must provide appropriate safety shoes
All industrial employers in Malaysia must offer DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes, according to Malaysian OSH laws.
Furthermore, suitable safety shoes is required in locations where there is a risk of foot injury. Construction workers' safety shoes, for example, must be anti-penetration, have a steel toe cap, and be abrasion-resistant.
As a result, make sure workers are wearing safety boots. After all, failing to do so could result in legal complications that could hurt your business.

Who is at risk of sustaining a foot injury?
Depending on the hazards that the worker experiences, safety shoes must be given. Is there a danger of heavy objects falling? Is there any sharp material lying around? Is it possible for an electrical discharge to occur?
Even if you maintain good housekeeping, injuries can occur if the worker does not wear safety shoes suited for dangerous situations.
So, before you go out and buy a bunch of workplace safety shoes, make a hazard assessment. Even with all of the precautions in place, foot injuries can still occur.
Buy safety shoes from the Kameymall and keep yourself and your employees safe.

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