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Get Right Methods To Wear Your Human Hair Wigs

Apr, 16, 2022

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Human hair wig wearing should be divided into two groups, one is wearing wigs with hair, one is wearing wigs with bald heads. So let's talk about how to wear a wig if you have hair  

Instructions For Wig Wearing

First of all, we need to use a hair net to wrap up their hair, this package is not simply wrapped up, need to wrap up the hair as a whole to get symmetrical, otherwise when wearing  human hair wigs, the asymmetry of the place will drum up, and sometimes it will appear that the head is a big circle.  

There are a lot of tips on the Internet for getting your hair shapely, so HERE are some more details:  


Braiding is the process of braiding one's hair before putting on the net, braiding one hair after another. Or a big braid, and then a big braid.  I do not recommend this method very much. On the one hand, it is quite troublesome. On the other hand, when the hair is braided or tied up, there will always be a rubber band or a hard braid.  So the method of tying or braiding hair and then wearing a hair net, I think is not the best way to wear a hair net.  

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Put it in and knead it  

This method is exactly what it sounds like: simple and mindless.  We put the net directly into the neck, and then pull the loose end of the net up to get all the hair in, and then rub it with your hands. After kneading well carefully, the head is round so as to follow a ball like, won't have the place that has bag in a knot in one's heart completely, also won't affect wig to wear effect again.  

Don't wear a hairnet  

The short hair girl can wear a wig instead of a net.  But a few days ago, there was a customer little sister, her own hair length to the shoulder, and then bought a shoulder wig, when wearing without any treatment, nor wearing a hair net, directly put the wig on the head, the result is actually quite good, you friends can also try a little. When wearing a hairnet, the front edge of the net should line up with your hairline.  If you feel that the hair net is not stable, then put a few clips in the closing position of the hair net, to be fixed.  

Last Words

Once the net is in place, the wig can be worn. When wearing a wig, touch the sides of the ears. As long as the ears are aligned opposite each other, the wig is not tilted. Once the hairline is aligned in the front of the wig, the sides and the back of the tongs are fastened together to complete the wig.  Finally, use a hair dryer and a curling iron to finish the styling. Perfect! Now you have learned how to wear wigs you own, share your experiences with us on Kameymall!

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