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Put On Safety Shoes To Protect Feet

Jan, 26, 2022

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Workers often forget to care for the foot security issues because of busywork. Falling items, slippery surfaces, treading on sharp objects, extreme heat, and cold and corrosive chemicals are all potential risks that may be mitigated by wearing safety shoes at work. Wearing these shoes is critical in the workplace since 25 percent of all disability claims are the result of foot injuries. Every year, hundreds of workplace accidents occur and employers have to pay exorbitant costs. This is very unfortunate. Kameymall is committed to offering clients the best products to help them protect their feet.

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There are some good methods for workers to keep their feet fit
Advise workers who stand for a longer time to move around to relieve fatigue and soreness of legs and take a rest.

Try to stand on one foot in front of the other. This allows workers to alternate between resting one foot and supporting the other. This is a good way to relieve fatigue when they are standing for a long time.

Adjusting the height of the work surface depends on different heights. So that workers can stand or sit down when they want to adjust their posture.

Reduce the pressure on the feet from the ground by making sure that workers wear well-fitting safety shoes with high-quality midsole cushioning.

Last but not least, ask workers to wear suitable insoles that offer workers’ feet important arch support and effective shock absorption.


Buy a pair of safety shoes for your security

Kameymall is a pioneered brand, it offers many kinds of safety shoes, which are made up of the best material that is tested in the laboratories and certified from health and safety measures. Safety shoes are required to provide support, comfort, and protection when you are engaged in construction work, house decoration, and furniture decoration.

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