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Talk About Weight Limits Of Thick Air Track Mats

May, 05, 2022

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Today, the air track mat is slowly replacing the traditional gymnastics mat because the air track mat is more convenient. Firstly, it can be inflated. This means that we can fill it up when we need to use it and deflate it when we need to put it away. Secondly, it is much more versatile than a traditional gymnastics mat. Everything you can do on a gymnastics mat can be done on the air track mat.


But many people are concerned about one thing: how much weight the air track mat can hold. In other words, they worry about whether the mat will explode during use on the air track mat. Today we will answer your question, using the P2 air track mat as an example.


What is the air track P2?

The AirTrack P2 is a medium thickness mat. This mat is 2m wide and works well with similar 20cm thick landing mats to create a horizontal and safe transition surface outside or around the AirTrack P2 mat.


Our P2 product has a height of 8 inches and is therefore more resilient than the AirFloor. It is therefore not only suitable for recreational groups, but also for higher level gymnasts.


Weight limit

The air track mat can carry weights from 35 kg to 100 kg, which means that if you do not weigh more than 200 kg, the air track mat will not break no matter what movements you perform on the air track mat, even flips. Of course, if you weigh more than 100kg, you can purchase the P3 air track mat.



If you want to buy a high quality air track mat, welcome to Kameymall. If you have any questions about the air track mat, feel free to ask us. We would be happy to answer questions for you. If you want to know more about the air track mat application, you can follow our article.

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