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steel toed safety shoes for women

Safety Shoes Development Vision For Industry 4.0

Jun, 07, 2022

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Today, we will talk about a serious topic: how can safety shoes develop with prospective industrial development.

Design of safety shoes    

In order to incorporate the latest technological advances, including but not limited to I4.0, comprehensive design modifications of existing safety shoes for women must be considered. The toe tip may even become redundant as the application of intelligent and reactive materials effectively meets extrusion and impact requirements (ENISO20345), thus overcoming the need to maintain minimal impact and extrusion clearance. Other ideas that have been explored but not implemented include exoskeleton-style footwear and hard-shell rear entrance solutions, but recent patents don't get rid of the toe at all.

safety shoes

What is industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is often referred to as the "fourth Revolution", but it is also recognized that this process is more of an evolution than a revolution in manufacturing.  For safety shoes currently operating within the "push" manufacturing system, it is necessary to shift to the "pull" system to promote mass customization, shorten delivery time, and use lean technology to improve manufacturing efficiency.  As with design upgrades, manufacturing advances can easily be implemented as part of a bigger picture, with incremental improvements without disrupting ongoing production, and technology such as foot scanning can be progressively trialed and introduced to provide customized or best-fitting footwear.


Digital integration of the entire supply chain, from material suppliers to retail stores, is critical to implementation. End-to-end thinking must be accepted by all components involved in the system so that the whole process can be pulled and not filled with push elements, which will inevitably interfere with production and data flow.


Industry 4.0 requires greater use of robotics, automation and digital technologies in the footwear industry. Some footwear industries now use robots for repetitive and rule-driven operations, but automation in safety shoes and other complex footwear industries remains low due to the complexity of the products and the manual nature of some processes. This can be addressed gradually as the process evolves and improves.


One of the key elements of Industry 4.0 is "big data". Using end-user data from safety shoe wearers is invaluable for design improvements and advancements. This can be done by integrating different sensors to monitor the footwear and wearer during use. Resources must be allocated and made available for such tasks, and using data is critical to making informed decisions on product strategy.


We keep updated with the time

Kameymall aims to provide best safety shoes and we follow the strict safety shoes making standards to select items for your consideration. Please rest assured to try our products.


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