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Home news Product Gymnastic Horizontal Barbell Exercises
5m air track uk from Kameymall

Gymnastic Horizontal Barbell Exercises

Jun, 06, 2022

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Take the opportunity to let them exercise whenever they want; share good moments with the little ones. Practising gymnastics helps develop physical, mental and social skills for better balance and good health for years to come.
The air track mat is well integrated into everyday life and will lead your child into all types of education as well as sport.
Here are three types of gymnastic equipment that will allow him to be more active and maintain these habits every day. We only hear positive feedback and from parents who are happy with their investment in their child's health.

Collapsible gymnastic beam

The foam gymnastic beam is suitable for all ages, as well as for beginner levels, or just for fun. You can perform all kinds of acrobatics according to your comfort level. Perfect for doing balancing, standing, sitting or lying exercises. Do small jumps, turns and pirouettes at the exit on the exercise mat.
What to do with the gymnastic beam? Get it out, store it and carry it around! It's easy to transport and makes your life better. It's easy to transport and gets your kids exercising.

Gymnastics mat
The folding gymnastic mat is an essential tool for doing floor exercises, dancing or gymnastics on an appliance in a safe way. Do floor gyrations, yoga relaxation, stretching or sit-ups. This gymnastic mat is perfect for use throughout the home. It is a must for indoors and outdoors.
All dance and acrobatic moves can be done, choose the right foam and mat size to suit your needs.

Gymnastic horizontal bar
Grab this opportunity with the horizontal gymnastics bar for home use
The horizontal gymnastics bar allows you to stretch your legs and arms, keep your balance, keep rotating the movements during the figures and is very precise. Children can rotate in both directions and do several types of spins until they exit.
Ideal for gymnastics clubs as well as for home use.

5m Air Track UK
Inflatable gymnastics mat
Our gymnastic air track is made to reproduce the gymnastic floor used in gymnasiums. Thanks to the air inside the tube, the floor is soft and flexible, allowing for front or back flips at the right ideal height.
In addition, smaller models can be stacked together to reproduce the high jump box. Choose the model that best suits your level of gymnastics.
Choose the right model for your level of gymnastics from Kameymall.

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