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6 Tips For Finding The Best Taobao Agent

With the internet becoming more and more global, there are more chances to order goods from overseas, especially from China. However, most westerners are not familiar with Chinese e-commerce shopping, and it can be very difficult for them to tell which is a trustworthy and reliable Taobao agent and which is a scam.


If you don't have enough free time to compare the vendors, you can rely on the Taobao agent to help you. The right service provider will help you avoid unnecessary risk as well as time costs.


The Facts About Taobao Agent


best and reliable taobao agent


Actually, Taobao agents are the online store representatives for many popular Chinese online shopping sites. As a middleman, the Taobao agent serves as a business-to-consumer or business-to-business online shopping platform. You can make purchases from Taobao.com through a Taobao agent who can serve as your go-between.


Many individuals and businesses in the world are looking for assistance to purchase goods from a country like China because it is becoming a major producer of industrial products.  Chinese products with low prices and improvements in quality have made it one of the world's major exporter nations.

The obstacles of Chinese products, languages, cultures, and international buying and shipping, however, present a problem for many foreign buyers and this is part of why it is so important to seek a good international buyer. And It is for this reason that we, KameyMall, establish Kaymeymall-agent to assist you in your shopping experience.


The Importance Of Taobao Agent

Taobao agents are responsible for making sure that the products they buy for you are of the best quality, handling everything you need in China on your behalf, and looking after all of your interests throughout the whole shopping process, from paying to receiving.


There is no doubt that a good purchasing agent in China will act as your eyes, ears, and nose in the process. They will do background checks on Taobao sellers, and also do a quality check to ensure that what you receive is what you expect.


cheapest chinese grocery


In addition, even the best factories can make mistakes or have a delay, particularly, when you placed an order for some popular Chinese groceries during a certain peak season, such as the Chinese Spring Festival.


As a result, if you face a similar dilemma, you will not be worried because you do not speak Chinese or because you are unable to access Taobao from outside China.


In the event you choose a purchasing agent, they will communicate with Taobao sellers and shipping companies in China on your behalf, assisting you with all related matters and difficulties in order to make sure that you are able to receive your long-desired goods in the shortest possible timeframe.


Another truth is you will be able to release up to 90% of your load by selecting a good purchasing agent. Instead of dealing with dozens of Taobao sellers with a language you are unfamiliar with, what is needed is to deal with one or two service staff who are able to communicate with you via the language you are familiar with.


So, when you buy Chinese goods for your online shop, do you want them to be original and reliable? Are you planning on buying Taobao commodities and worried about being cheated? Following are some tips to help you to find a trustworthy Taobao agent.


Tips To Verify A Good Taobao Agent

There are certain things you need to look for before using a Taobao Agent.


1. Chinese trading license


chinese trading license


In China, there is a very strict set of laws that dictate what a business can and cannot do based on its legal status. It is mandatory for all businesses to have a license in order to operate.


By obtaining that license, the business will be able to carry out a specific type of operation. It is prohibited for them to perform any other activity which does not relate to what their license describes. Before you start doing transactions with an agent, make sure you ask for a copy of his or her license before you get started.


As a matter of fact, this tip is especially crucial for those who are looking to import bulky goods from Chinese Taobao through a Taobao agent, since there is a substantial amount of transaction involved.


As a company that is engaged in national trade in China, KameyMall has long been registered with the local Bureau of Industry and Commerce and has also obtained a valid and legal license to conduct business in the country.


2. Industrial experience in China


chinese online shopping platform


A proper Taobao agent should not only have years of experience dealing with international business but also a Taobao Agent that also provides good international shipping service directly or indirectly and has years of experience doing that.


KameyMall-agent can provide you both with services as a Taobao agent as well as complete logistical and shipping services from China via air and sea. KameyMall-agent is a brand new platform within KameyMall.com, a company that has been handling cross-border e-commerce business for quite some time.


Because we have been involved in international commerce for many years, we have a deep understanding of the regulations of global business, international shopping, international transactions, and global logistic procedures that are involved in global business.


Because of this, we are definitely capable of offering you 360-degree customer support when it comes to international e-commerce shopping in Taobao/JD/Tmall/1688.


3. Secure payment options


As part of the payment process, a good Taobao agent should provide the option of making secure payments. Having done this, consumers will have a greater chance of protecting their interests in the process of making payments.


More importantly, you should be aware of the fact that there are a lot of fraudulent companies that will attempt to defraud you by using methods of payment that aren't reliable.


With years of being a cross-border e-commerce platform, KameyMall aims of providing a fast, reliable, and secure payment method for international consumers for making payments.


The KameyMall-agent platform uses Paypal as the specified payment method. With PayPal, you are able to pay using your debit card, credit card, or electronic cheque in over 100 currencies, which gives you a smooth and simple way to do international transactions.


Extra Tricks For Better Evaluation

These tips above are merely basic rules you should follow for verifying your information. There are some additional tricks that you may be able to use in order to have a better shopping experience.


1. Good English proficiency


In the current global business environment, English is the language of business, regardless of whether you come from a Western country or not, so it is very important that your primary contact at the agency is able to speak and understand English well.


It is also important for them to be able to write well in English due to the fact that many of your communications will be sent via email or messages.


English is a compulsory subject for all Chinese students as a part of our education. Moreover, in order for a college student to be awarded a degree, college students must pass an English Level 4 exam.


In other words, don't be worried if you get in touch with KameyMall-agent and our customer service staff is not fluent in English. In fact, having studied English for at least 10 years, our hotline staff are able to make you feel like you are not in a foreign language.


2. Check customers’ comments


One more thing you can do to help yourself better assess the qualification and reliability of an agent is to take a look at their website and read customer reviews that have been written about the agent. The reviews of customers provide you with valuable insight into the quality and efficiency of the services offered by the company.


As a result of positive and negative feedback from existing consumers, potential users are able to easily evaluate what is good and what is bad about the company, in order to make an informed decision regarding whether or not they should go ahead with this agent.


KameyMall-agent offers the opportunity for you to check out hundreds of customer reviews from our existing customers before you decide to buy. It is nice to see you make a wise decision based on that feedback.


3. Check approaches of exceptional goods check


good quality check


In case any quality issues arise in the future, you should ask your provider how they plan to handle them when they arise. The first thing consumers need to understand is what the agent intends to do after receiving goods from Taobao sellers.


For Taobao agents, it is also important that they make it clear to sellers that they will not accept quality levels that fall below the standards desired by their international consumers.


The KameyMall-agents realize the importance of making sure that the items that have been ordered from our consumers are of high quality. After receiving the goods from Taobao sellers, we do a thorough quality check of the goods before the shipping process begins.


It is our policy to take photos of each item and send them to our customers, so they will be able to see clearly whether or not the items received to meet their expectations.


We believe that by taking the time to do this, we will ensure that our customers have satisfactory and smooth shopping experiences and that, to the greatest extent, we can avoid time wasted on return and refund processes.


Come And Join


best chinese taobao purchasing agent


Having learned useful evaluation tips that can help you choose a Taobao agent, but it will not take you a short time to do your research and select a reliable Chinese Taobao agency when you decide to do so.


Having provided Taobao purchasing services to our customers and making you learn how qualified and professional we are in terms of international business and shopping, KameyMall is confident that you can leave your first shopping list to us.


You can be sure that your first shopping experience with KameyMall-agent will be a pleasant and satisfying one.


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