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Home news Product What Is So Helpful To Babies? (Part 1)
pink home air track for babies

What Is So Helpful To Babies? (Part 1)

Jun, 30, 2022

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Children's Day just passed some time ago and even though my child is only five years old, I got him a practical gift. You must be wondering what I gave as a gift and I'll tell you.

What I gave him was an air track mat, which is an inflatable gymnastic mat that is perfect for home use. Normally, these mats are between 2 and 6 metres long, 1 metre wide and between 10 and 20 centimetres thick, but I felt that they were on the long side and not suitable for my children to use, after all, they like to bounce around and need more space. So, I customised an air track mat in his 2m x 2m x 20cm.

air track
Why I chose this gift

You must be wondering why I chose this gift. Actually, the most important reason is because my child wants to learn gymnastics. He saw the graceful movements of the people in the video and he himself would follow the movements in the video. Since gymnastics for toddlers has so many benefits for children's development, I did not hesitate to buy this gift. In addition, the air track mat is perfect for use at home as it is easy to store - after all, when you have taken the air out it can be folded into a small piece and placed under the bed, in a cupboard etc.

Basic gymnastics for young children has a positive effect on their body shape

The basic gymnastics for young children especially emphasizes the posture of standing, standing, walking, running, jumping and other movements: correct and aesthetic, which is conducive to the development of the spine and its surrounding muscles, ligaments and balance, and better formation of the physiological curvature of the spine; and basic gymnastics for young children requires the movement of the limbs to stretch and flatten, which promotes the growth of cartilage between the end bone and the backbone, so that young children grow taller and longer limbs; at the same time, the appropriate amount of exercise can The amount of exercise can control the increase of fat in young children, reducing the appearance of obesity in children. Therefore, after a period of training in basic gymnastics for young children, it can promote the formation of long limbs and an even and healthy body shape.


If your child enjoys learning basic gymnastics, you can buy an air track mat from Kameymall as a gift.

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