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pink air track mat for yoga

Why I Bought A Pink Air Track?

Jul, 09, 2022

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Do you see the picture below? In the picture there is a pink air track mat, which is an inflatable gymnastic mat. This is the air track mat that I bought online the other day. why did I buy it? Why did I choose the pink mat? Let me share with you.


Why I bought the air track mat

The pink air track mat in the picture is 3m long, 1m wide and 0.1m high. It is a relatively small mat and is suitable for use at home as it is very easy to store. If you drain all the air out of it, you will find that it can be folded into a small piece and placed in a cupboard, under the bed etc. in any free corner of the house. I actually bought it to do yoga at home. Nowadays, there are so many online classes that I don't feel the need to go to the gym specifically to do yoga anymore. But. You may be wondering why I like the pink mat.


Pink has a calming effect
Pink symbolises health and is a common American colour and a favourite colour for women, with relaxing and calming effects. There are reports that the apparent mood calming effect of pink has been observed at the Naval Confinement Facility in Seattle, USA; the Youth Home in San Bernardino, California; the psychiatric ward of the Los Angeles VA Hospital; and the South Bronx School for hyperactive children. For example, when a manic patient or criminal was placed in solitary confinement in a room with pink walls, the subject quickly calmed down; a group of primary school children in a classroom with pink interior walls showed a tendency for their heart rate and blood pressure to drop. Other studies have reported that a nap in pink can cause muscle weakness, while a few seconds in blue can restore it. It has been proposed that the mechanism of action of pink's psychological and physiological effects is that pink light stimulation passes through the eyes - the cerebral cortex - the hypothalamus - the --- pineal gland and pituitary gland --- adrenal glands, causing the adrenal medulla to secrete less adrenaline, making the heart activity diastolic and slower and the muscles relaxed. So, on the one hand, pink is my favourite colour. On the other hand, I look forward to the pink air track mat to soothe my mood and the tiredness that comes with going to work.


If you want to buy the air track mat, I recommend Kameymall because it offers a customised service. You can choose and customise the length, width and height of the mat as well as the colour of the border.

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