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big air track mat for kids

If There Are Naughty Kids In Your Family

Jul, 09, 2022

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If you have naughty children at home, you must often be very distressed. They love to jump around and chase and play. But because they are too athletic and too young to be so adept at walking or running, they tend to fall over and bawl their eyes out. The trouble and noise it causes you may not even bother you too much, but you definitely don't want to watch your children get hurt. So, what can you do to prevent your children from getting hurt when they are chasing and playing?


I suggest you get them an air track mat, which is also a type of gymnastics mat, only more suitable for use at home than a traditional gymnastics mat. Let's take a closer look.


What is the air track mat

Do you see the picture above? The air track mat is 13ft wide, 6.6ft wide and 8in high, which is more than enough space for children to play on. With a thickness of 20cm, even if the children jump hard and fall on the mat, they won't feel any pain because the mat itself is very soft and flexible, not to mention that it is so thick. With this mat, you don't have to be afraid of your children doing front flips. And, as it is an inflatable gymnastic mat, if you want to put it away, you just need to let the gas out. So you don't need to worry about this mat taking up too much space.


You can print cartoon characters on the air track
In order to attract the children's attention and make them play on the mat as much as possible to avoid injuries, I asked the merchant to print the images of Conan and Ran from the anime Detective Conan symmetrically on the front of the mat when I bought it, as both my children really like these two people from the anime. Perhaps they like Conan's intelligence and logic and Ran's kindness and cuteness. Anyway, after the print, my children are more interested in this mat.


I heard you guys were wondering where I bought the air track mat from, this shop actually supports the engraving service. I bought my mat from Kameymall and this shop not only allows you to have the mat printed with a design or text, but you can also choose the colour of the mat and customise the size of the mat yourself. If you're interested, hurry up and come in.

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