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The Original Action Continuous Practice With The Air Track Mat

Jun, 16, 2022

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Small gymnastic mats have a great role in athletics training, clever use of gymnastic mats to assist the teaching of athletic skills, the physical qualities of the better exercise, it can fully improve the enthusiasm of athletes to practice, improve the efficiency of training, and better complete the teaching objectives.

Supine two-headed rise

Method: The practitioner lies flat on the air track mat, with the legs together and naturally straight, and both arms naturally straight behind the head. Raise the legs with the abdomen tucked in hands touching the back of the feet, drop back until the arms and heels touch the ground, then continue with the original movement.
When lifting the legs with the abdomen, the limbs should be naturally straight, the knees should not be bent, the movements should be coordinated, there should be no sequence, the two heads should inhale when they rise and exhale when the legs are lowered, the arms and heels should lightly touch the ground.

Supine leg raise
Method: The practitioner lies flat on the gymnastics mat, both legs together and naturally straight, both hands behind the head holding another person's feet, regain the leg lift, both legs straight, can not bend, toes taut, back down when the heel can not hit the ground, and then according to the original action continuous practice.
Legs straight, no bending, toes taut, heels cannot hit the ground when falling back.

Small gymnastic mats
Prone two-headed
The practitioner lies prone on the gymnastics mat from Kameymall, with both arms straightened out in front of him and both legs together and naturally straight. The head and shoulders are lifted with force, the back is lifted with force into a back arch, while the legs are lifted with force, the two hands are held back by the ankles, the hands and feet should touch the ground when they are put back, and then the exercise continues according to the original movement.
Both legs should be lifted together, the gap should not be large, the head should be flat and the back arch should have a certain depth.

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