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physics air track experiment from Kameymall

Fall Forward On The Air Track Mat

Jun, 16, 2022

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In athletics training often with the help of small gymnastic mats for students to practice physical fitness, and achieve certain results, the following combined with the actual from the following aspects to talk about the use of gymnastic mats in athletics training.

Prone kneeling

Method: The practitioner kneels on the air track mat, 2 to 3 gymnastics mats are placed in front of the body, the two lower legs are pressed with a gymnastics mat, stepped on by other team members, both hands are placed behind the back, the front falls on the mat, the waist and abdomen are exerted so that the upper body is lifted into a kneeling position, and the exercises are practised continuously according to the original movements.
Put both hands behind your back, fall forward on the mat, push your back and belly to lift your upper body into a kneeling position.

Prone jerk
Method: The practitioner lies prone on the gymnastics mat with the chest close to the mat, both arms behind the back, one person presses the legs, the practitioner lifts the upper body to the maximum, the static force is maintained for 10-30s, the chest is close to the mat when falling back.
Chest against the mat, head and shoulders lifted upwards with force, back into a back arch with force.

small gymnastic mats
Supine leg lifts and circles
Method: The practitioner lies flat on the gymnastics mat, hands are placed sideways and open, the feet are lifted slightly, the feet should be combined in one place, and then the feet are turned around the upper body in a circle.
Lie on your back, fix your body posture, when you feel difficulty in turning around, tilt your waist and raise your legs.
Supine left and right foot touching left and right hand movement
Method: The practitioner lies on his back on the gymnastic mat from Kameymall, with his feet together, lifts the right foot to the left and touches the left hand, retracts it, then swings the other leg.
Keep the body close to the floor, fix the body and keep the swinging leg straight.

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