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Zorbing - A Wild Ride In A Giant Inflatable Zorb Ball

Dec, 08, 2021

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Zorbing is a type of adventure activity. This consists of the rapid fall of a person from an inclined surface into a volumetric transparent ball with a dense outer wall and a particular fixation within the sphere of the ball. This type of adventure comes from the name of the human hamster - Zorb, the ancestor of such a job. We can provide different types of zorb balls to the players. With the help of this blog, you will know about the Zorbing adventure game.


What is meant by Zorb ball?

The zorb ball, with a volume of 13 to 14 m and a weight of 70 to 75-80 kg, consists of 2 layers: two spheres of different sizes. (The outer shells are about twice the size of the inner ones) that is slightly less than a meter apart. The space between the outer and inner spheres is filled with air to maintain the flexibility of the ball. The shooter is placed directly in the inner sphere by going into a single entrance hole.

hamster bubble for humans

Advantages of the Zorbing:

There is low damage to the outer shell of the zorb. Of course, many companies produce zorb, and the quality of the material directly depends on this fact. But sorbs can damage small pebbles or stalks. That can run on the road is almost nonexistent. The ball's outer shell is dense enough and tight, which causes damage to all stabbed objects.

Many believe that facing external obstacles is worthwhile. This is because the ball's outer shell does not withstand internal pressure and is torn to pieces. As mentioned above, Zorb balls don't deal much damage. But even when this happened, there was no "break" of the ball's outer shell. Instead, the bubble ball is blown out, gradually shrinking, decreasing the ball's speed, gradually reducing it to zero, and staying stationary.

Zorbs are quite cold tolerant. Of course, few people dared to play zorb ball in winter. But even like this, the sorbet in winter was not much different from the summer. Most sorbets do not crack in the cold.

Zorbing is a relatively young and extreme sport. This makes it an excellent choice for those who have tried a few different types of attractions and outdoor activities. Coupled with the almost perfect safety of this type of recreation attracts people.


Of course, Zorbing is an exciting and unusual activity; maybe it's a recreational activity. Most people who are already familiar with this sport say that other activities only a small amount can present a fuzzy and bright mood. Someone charged the adrenaline and literally "boiled" from the excitement. Someone after Zorbing was euphoric, and someone compared the mood after riding a zorb ball is same to riding on a roller coaster. Some argued that Zorbing was not that extreme such as jumping from a parachute.

However, anyone who tries this recreational activity agrees on one thing: Zorbing – it is one of the fun and exciting adventure game. If you want to buy a zorb ball and any more items online then we prefer you the Kameymall is one of the best online shops or websites where you can get the best quality material and you can get all things at the best affordable and budgeted price.

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