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Home news Product Amazing Air Track Mat Online-Part1
gym air track mat for yoga

Amazing Air Track Mat Online-Part1

Jun, 25, 2022

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Today I want to show you the air track mat. It is also called a gymnastic mat.

The pure artificial viscose process is not produced by high-temperature machines, which avoids thermal deformation such as arching, wrinkles, and distortions. The glue used in the product is imported from South Korea. The glue is resistant to low temperature and high temperature and does not age for 10 years at room temperature. Buy an air track mat!

50ft air track

It is trendy

Inflatable gymnastics mats have been popular in many countries. Most of our domestic products are exported to foreign countries. Although consumers like it, it has become popular in China in recent years, and it is also used on many occasions. You can also choose finished products or Customized according to your own needs. The scope of application of inflatable gymnastics mats is also slowly changing. Now in many dance studios, yoga studios, gyms, and taekwondo halls, inflatable gymnastics mats are also used to lay the ground to protect the practice. the safety of the user.

Of course, since the inflatable gymnastics mat is called a gymnastics mat, it can be used for gymnastics training. The inflatable gymnastics mat can be used as long as it is inflated. When it is not in use, it can be easily folded and cleaned up by releasing the air. It is more convenient to use at home. but. Moreover, the product has the advantages that the hardness can be adjusted arbitrarily, easy to carry, freight, storage, and long service life.

The advantage of the abdominal crunch is that it directly acts on the rectus abdominis to maximize the exercise effect, and the action is simple, which is simpler and easier to master than other complex and diverse abdominal muscle exercise methods. At the same time, the crunch has almost no requirements on the venue. It can be performed at home, in hotels, and in other production centers where we usually rest. It can be said that this action can be practiced anywhere.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy it.


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