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Home news Product Amazing Air Track Mat Online-Part2
best gymnastics air track for exercising

Amazing Air Track Mat Online-Part2

Jun, 25, 2022

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Today I want to show you the air track mat. It is also called a gymnastic mat.

The first thing we need to prepare is a cushion, neither too soft nor too hard. If it is too soft, it will make us unable to exert force when we get up. If it is too hard, it will cause damage to the coccyx (the coccyx will be very painful after being worn). Inflatable gymnastics pad. It can be used after being inflated. The more elastic inflatable gymnastics pad can make it more convenient to crunch up and train more in place. The inflatable gymnastics mat is wear-resistant, durable, and easy to carry, it is a good choice for your exercise. Buy an air track mat.

incline air track


After a brief introduction to the inflatable gymnastics mat, let's talk about the quality of the inflatable gymnastics mats produced by the inflatable factory. The quality and production process and materials are very important. The inflatable gymnastics pads produced by the inflatable factory generally use the traditional inflatable heat and technology to make the model, and the material is made of 0.9MM PVC mesh cloth. Then it is made of new wire drawing materials imported from South Korea and hand-bonded, with a double-sided coating. Therefore, general inflatable gymnastics mats will be produced by regular inflatable manufacturers.

If the inflatable product is not used for a long time, it should be noted that the castle should be folded, tied, and packed after cleaning. The storage temperature should be -50~+40 degrees Celsius. And pay attention to preventing rodent damage.

First of all, I would like to introduce the recently popular inflatable gymnastics mat. Inflatable gymnastics mats, also known as taekwondo somersault mats, are widely used in martial arts clubs and taekwondo halls. They are the replacement products for traditional sponge mats. Because the inflatable gymnastics mat is easy to use and easy to store, it is also suitable for home use. This is one of the reasons why inflatable gymnastics mats are popular.


How to use it

It has always been said that the inflatable gymnastics mat is easy to use, and then I will tell you how to use the inflatable gymnastics mat. First, spread out the packaged product flat, and then find the inflatable tuyere. Use a special air pump to inflate from the tuyere, please pay attention not to be too full, so as not to burst and damage the product due to too full inflation. Remember to tighten the air nozzle after flushing to avoid air leakage. The inflatable gymnastics mat can be used in a few simple steps. When not in use, you can put the air out and put it away without taking up any space.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy it.


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