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Zorbing All Year Around With A Zorb Ball

Mar, 07, 2022

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How long has it been since you got in touch with nature and enjoyed its beauty last time? Do you want to experience a new sport? Would you like to feel the thrill? Today I would like to suggest a new sport for you: zorbing. But first we have to get to know the zorb ball.

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What are the zorb ball and zorbing

Zorb Ball is also called Big glass ball. It is a outer diameter of 3 meters, diameter of 1.8 meters large double ball which is made from polymeric materials PVC or TPU, to ensure the comfort and safety of players.
Zorbing is the process of playing with the zorb ball. Blower before you play outside between the ball and the ball is filled with gas, after riding into the ball, in the staff of the Department with the help of better safety equipment, use of inertia and gravity, let the ball with a certain slope straight flat lawns rolling down the river.

Where can you enjoy zorbing
Firstly, you can experience the thrill of spinning by tumbling from high to low on grass with a certain slope. Secondly, you can also do it in the water and experience the sensation of walking or floating freely on the surface. Finally, you can also play in the snow in winter, also with a slope, to experience the joy of zorbing.

Rules for zorbing
Since it is a relatively new sport and has not been designed as a competition for the time being, the current rules are designed to ensure the safety of participants. First, the players are not permitted to bump into other players while tilting their zorb ball forward. Secondly, players are not allowed to wear clothes with zippers and their pockets must also be empty before playing. In addition, any kind of jewelry is not allowed during an event.

Where to buy zorb balls of high quality
Do you want to experience this sport? Do you want to be in closer contact with nature? Do you want to feel the trill? Welcome to Kameymall to buy a zorb ball, a huge shopping website where you can pick up various kinds of fantastic products with high quality, exquisite designs and favorable prices.

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