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Recommend Water Walking Ball To Amusement Parks

Jun, 18, 2022

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Hello amusement park operators, I am writing this article in order to recommend a new game project to you. This game is one of the most famous games in London and I am sure that people in your neighbourhood will not be able to resist it because it is really fun. The equipment needed for this game is very simple, just a large pool, which I believe most amusement parks already have, and some water walking balls.

I am an Englishman working in China and the other day was a famous traditional Chinese festival, the Dragon Boat Festival. On this day, people compete in dragon boat races. In my opinion, water walking balls are very similar to dragon boats in that they can be used as a means of moving across the water. The process of zorbing on the water with a water walking ball is what we call zorbing on the water, so let me describe our experience in more detail.

zorb ball
We prepared several water walking balls

To experience this game, we prepared several water walking balls. The so-called water walking ball is actually a huge, clear plastic ball that can hold people. With this giant sphere zorb ball you can walk freely on water and even run.

Water race

Once inside the zorb ball, we race through the water like a normal dragon boat race. We start from the same starting point and charge forward at our maximum speed. But running through the water is different. On the one hand, the water walking ball is more difficult to navigate. On the other hand, there is more resistance from the water. We were really struggling to get going.

What was more surprising was that it was difficult to control the direction of the ball on the water, so many times we collided with each other to get a direct experience of tumbling on the water. Some of my colleagues even took it upon themselves to bump into me for the thrill of it. What fun!


So, if you are an amusement park operator and your amusement park has a water world or water park, I would recommend that you come to Kameymall and buy some water walking balls to make the whole thing even more fun.

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