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Three Little Tips Avoiding Those Pits Whilst Purchasing Safety Shoes

Apr, 16, 2022

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Do you know how many people have industrial accidents every year? The International Labor Organization estimates that more than 1 million people worldwide die in the workplace each year, and millions of workers worldwide are exposed to accidents and occupational hazards in workplaces.  

Avoid these minefields when shopping for safety shoes  

There are always hidden dangers in the work environment, like a time bomb hanging around us, so we need to learn to protect ourselves while working hard. Safety shoes for women are essential protective equipments that can protect our feet from injury if we often enter dangerous places in daily work.  Some purchasing personnel are not very clear how we should go to buy labor protection shoes, today we will give you a simple introduction of 3 easy to avoid the purchase of labor protection shoes on the road those pits.  

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See working environment above all, the kind of labor protects shoe is various, user should undertake choice according to his working property and working scene. If electrician needs to choose the labor protection shoes of insulation performance, construction site needs to choose the labor protection shoes that prevent to hit and prevent puncture performance to wait, of working scene is different, the labor protection shoes that avoids harm to protecting sufficient ministry is to have different protection performance.  

Second look at the material, we all know that the choice of better vamp material can affect the length of labor protection shoes wearing life. Choose the help that suits according to working scene and demand, sole, protect bao tou and prevent thorn in bottom, if the ground that has smeary should use the sole that prevent slippery performance, increase the friction force that sole and ground wait.  

Check labor to protect shoe finally 3 card 1 mark, it is to point to production license, product pass card, safe appraisal card, safe mark, it is to prevent the special labor of inferior quality things to protect to enter current domain to endanger the health and safety of user, we must check 3 card 1 mark.  


Last words  

These are the pits that Kameymall provides to avoid when purchasing labor protection shoes. Labor protection products are related to the safety of workers, so we must pay high attention to them and be vigilant at all times to avoid accidents.  Today we will first explain so much, I hope to help you, if you do not understand the purchase of labor protection shoes, welcome to consult the message, discuss together oh.  

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