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How Does Gas Station Workers Choose Their Boots?

Apr, 16, 2022

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A gas station is a replenishment station for retail gasoline and oil for automobiles and other motor vehicles, generally adding fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the gas station, and operations that may produce sparks are strictly prohibited. Gasoline is strictly prohibited to the carburetor and barrel of the car. All stations must turn off the fire when refueling, and all dangerous goods are strictly prohibited to enter the station.   

Guide to purchasing safety shoes at gas stations  

As the petroleum commodities sold by gas stations are easy to explode, volatile, easy to leak, easy to gather static charge, so the gas stations take "safety" as the first criterion. Therefore, the labor personnel engaged in the work of gas stations must form a complete set of insulation non-slip safety shoes for women. Liquid in the flow, stirring, sedimentation, filtration, shaking, spraying, splashing, flushing, perfusion and other processes may generate static electricity, static electricity often cause flammable and explosive liquid fire and explosion. Gas stations have high oil reserves, and the flow of gasoline in the process of refueling is easy to cause static electricity, which increases the probability of flammable liquid explosion.  

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When the staff wear insulating safety shoes, can reduce the liquid and solid in contact with the opportunity to produce positive and negative ions, so as to reduce the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents.  


In the meantime, the oil that also wants to notice safety shoe to work in gas station prevents slippery performance. When the staff is refueling, the situation of leaking gasoline droplets often happens. Due to the nature of their work, gas station staff need to keep moving, so if they step on oil stains accidentally, they are liable to slip and fall.  Therefore, gas stations in the purchase of labor protection shoes to choose non-slip materials as sole safety shoes.  


Precautions for purchasing safety shoes  

When purchasing labor protection shoes, in addition to the above characteristics of anti-oil, anti-slip and insulation, attention should be paid to the selection of comfortable shoes. Choose breathable and lightweight sole and vamp material, so that workers have a better wearing experience, reduce the burden of the foot. If you're looking for your favorite safety shoes, come to Kameymall!  


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