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Material Of The Sole Of Slip Resistant Safety Shoes

Mar, 16, 2022

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Many of our friends work in an environment where they are exposed to water and oil, especially as the weather gets colder and colder, and if outdoor workers may also encounter icy conditions on the road, which is very detrimental to normal work. We all need to purchase a pair of suitable anti-slip shoes so that we can work more efficiently and are less likely to fall. Especially women, be sure to prepare a pair of safety shoes for women for yourself. Today, we will learn how to choose anti-slip shoes and whether there are any relevant grades?

The difference between anti-slip shoes and ordinary shoes is mainly in the sole. What we often hear is whether the shoes are wear-resistant and slip-resistant? In fact, it means that the friction between the sole and the road is not large. The non-slip soles are made of various patterns, which are designed to increase the friction between the shoe and the ground, increasing the adhesion between the shoe and the ground. Of course, the material of the non-slip sole is also specially made, and different from ordinary shoes.

anti slip safety shoes

What are the materials used for the soles of anti-slip shoes?

1、Rubber soles: composed of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, which has obvious characteristics: wear-resistant, non-slip, good elasticity, and is often used in the production of non-slip labour safety shoes soles, as rubber is also the main material of car tyres, also known as "tyre soles".

2, PU (polyurethane): This is a synthetic material with good elasticity and light weight, but poor oil and acid and alkali resistance.

3、MD sole: light and soft, good elasticity, also with a certain anti-shock function. EVA is the main material of civil sports shoes soles, soft and elastic, but not wear-resistant, and rubber is pasted under EVA to increase the wear-resistant and anti-slip performance of the soles.


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