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Preventing Safety Shoes From Rubbing Our Feet

Mar, 16, 2022

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Safety shoes are used to protect the user's feet and are divided into many different functions in order to cope with the foot hazards of different occasions. However, there is feedback from some workers that the safety shoes they purchase are always a bit abrasive when rubbing their feet, which makes them painful for the user. So, what should be done in the face of this situation? Here, I'll briefly explain to you a few ways to deal with new safety shoes when they are rubbing the feet. Especially for women, if safety shoes for women rub their feet, then they must be dealt with immediately, because their feet are more fragile. Generally speaking, the place where new safety shoes rub their feet is mostly two places, respectively the heel and the outside of the big toe, so the treatment method is probably as follows.

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Some methods

1、Wine immersion method

Pour about 25g of white wine into the new shoes, then shake them a few times and leave them for an hour, at which time the leather of the shoes will not be so hard, and will not pinch the feet. If the edge of the shoe is worn, you can dry a wet paper towel, then soak it in white wine, then use a clip to fix it at the foot wear, and leave it for one night, the next day wear it will not wear feet.

2、Pressing method

If it is the edge of the labor insurance shoes part of the foot wear, available wet towel cover the foot wear parts for a few minutes, so that it is damp and soft, and then use cylindrical objects (such as wine bottles) to be pressed hard a few times, the foot wear parts will be smooth and flat, that will not wear the foot.

3、Wedge palm method

If the foot pinch of the labor insurance shoes is serious, available wet towel will cover the shoes wet, and then use the shoe wedge will be propped up, so wear it up smooth feet.


4、Hammering method

If the soles of new labour protection shoes are worn, the shoes can be set on the shoe crutch, and then use a hammer to hammer vigorously, the foot will be flattened, it will no longer wear feet. If you don't have a shoe crutch, you can also use other iron tools instead.


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