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Tips For Wearing Safety Shoes

Mar, 16, 2022

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We all know that safety shoes, as protective safety footwear for workers, are certainly different from ordinary shoes. It has specific functions and is suitable for a specific working environment. And this working environment is generally tougher, so it leads to the role of labour protection shoes not being able to do both. At the end of the day, the most basic thing is to ensure the safety of the worker's feet, so safety is the first priority. Women, in particular, need a pair of safety shoes for women, as their feet are more vulnerable. And what is the best way to use safety shoes to keep workers safe?

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What should be paid attention to?

First of all, safety shoes take a long time to wear and are relatively bulky. Smash-proof, puncture-proof, acid and alkali-resistant labour protection shoes are naturally designed to protect the feet, so they are not very light. When wearing these shoes, we need to pay attention to ventilation and airflow, and we need to dry them in a ventilated place during our free time. Some workers like to go barefoot in the summer, but don't do this as it can easily cause wear and tear on the feet and can also have a bad smell. It is advisable to wear cotton, sweat-absorbing socks that are long enough to completely wrap around the areas that come into contact with the safety shoes, especially the ankle and heel areas. If possible, choose soft and breathable safety shoes when choosing your labour insurance.

It is important to check or test safety shoes carefully before using them, as there are often safety hazards if they are not checked. For example, if you work in an acidic or alkaline environment, broken or cracked wellies are a risk. It is important to keep your work shoes in good condition after use, check and clean them after use and store them in a dry environment. In the case of rubber shoes, they should be rinsed with water or disinfectant and dried after use to prolong their life.


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