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Advice On The Maintenance Of Sexy Bikinis

Mar, 16, 2022

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Many people think that the sexy bikini doesn't last long enough, but it could be that they don't know how to take care of it. In fact, apart from having the skills to choose a beautiful bikini that suits you, we also need to learn how to take care of them. This is how you can make your bikini look newer and more durable. Today we're going to share some of our knowledge on this subject.

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Advice on how to maintain bikinis

How to wash

As bikini swimwear is in direct contact with the skin, special care should be taken when washing it. Firstly, the water temperature should not exceed 20 degrees, as the fabric of the bikini swimsuit is unique and too high a temperature can damage the fabric and cause it to age and lose its elasticity; soak in a little neutral detergent for 10 minutes and then wash by hand. Do not use washing powder, bleach, etc. and do not machine wash or tumble dry.


When wearing it

Both seawater and pool water have chemicals in them, as well as the sunscreen we wear, which can damage the elasticity of our swimwear. So put on your swimming costume before applying sunscreen and rinse your body off after swimming before taking off your swimsuit. Wet your swimming costume with water before going into the water to reduce the extent of damage to your swimming costume in the pool or sea water.


How to keep

Don't think that storing your bikini swimming costume is as simple as putting it in a bag. In fact, this is the most damaging thing you can do to them. Make sure they are well ventilated and stored away from chemicals, such as pins and laundry detergents. Avoid sunlight which can cause deterioration of the bikini or swimming costume fabric. It is recommended to use storage boxes to store your swimwear so that the cups and the swimming costume should be stored separately, this will prevent the cups from being squeezed and deformed. To keep your swimsuit dry and ventilated, it is advisable to put some desiccant in the storage box.


Pick up a sexy bikini for yourself

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