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Home news Product What Estelle Pulseton Says About Us Again? (Chapter 1)
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What Estelle Pulseton Says About Us Again? (Chapter 1)

Jan, 03, 2022

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Earlier this year, I reviewed Kameymall's two minimal bra sets and two low-cut bra sets. When they introduced me to be a fitness expert, I did something I had never done before, let the brand choose what to send to me, and pick out the best ideas for me. I am very impressed-three of them may be the best fitting bras I currently have.

Despite this, I still can't make myself truly fall in love with them. Lingerie is about fashion for me. I always choose a beautiful bra instead of a perfectly fitting but plain bra. So when Kameymall found me again, this time I was keen to choose my own style.

Sadly, my favorite new Satami bra does not have my size, but the pink bra here comes close behind. To my usual taste, pure black may look a bit, um, bland, but I chose it to replace my previous sexy bikini-it can be paired with all my beautiful black panties that lack a matching bra.

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The pink and black lace deep V wireless bra comes from Satami's main line series, which attracted my attention for many reasons. The mesh lace is unusual and eye-catching, somewhere between polkado and geometric flowers. The small crossover details are cute (even if it does cover up the low-cut part of this "deep V" bra), I like the way the lace stretches all the way to the shoulders.

The black J-Hook Deep V wireless push-up bra is what I describe as a "super plunge". Although it is simple, there are some things in its stylish, clean minimalism that appeal to me. Maybe I just think it looks very streamlined, because there are really fewer bras there-it's definitely a style of creation and composition.


In fact, it took me a while to realize that none of these bras were connected. Yes, yes, I know, it is in the product name! But like I said, underwear is all about aesthetics to me, I basically just look at pictures. Both bras are quite stiff, with thick push-up pads and flexible plastic bones on the sides, so they don't feel like wireless bras. The black one even has a stiff ridge (unlike the ridge in my bra without wires and the ridge in the Python bra), which acts a bit like underwire.

Both have pockets and optional extra padding (not included). The black bra comes from Kameymall's high-end Sheree series, and you can tell it; although it is a simpler design, it has a more perfect finish and perfect stitching compared to the strange rough edges or loose stitches on the pink bra.

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