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What Estelle Pulseton Says About Us Again? (Chapter 2)

Jan, 03, 2022

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The fabrics on the Kameymall bra are also obviously high-quality, including a bamboo blend lining. I especially like the super smooth straps, and there is a small hook to convert them into racer back style.

I use 32D for the black bra. For the pink cups, Kameymall told me that these cups are very small, but since there is no 32DD, they sent me a sister-sized 34D. Like my other Kameymall bras, the band is really tight and feels like 30 and 32 respectively. The cups on the pink bra fit perfectly. As for the black one, even though this is my usual sexy bikini size, I still spilled a bit from it, so if possible, I suggest adding a cup size to this design.

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Both bras are very typical styles, creating a dramatic! This is all thanks to the angle of the cushion, which pushes the breast tissue from the side to the center. Now, my seemingly shrinking breasts have dropped to 30DD/32D, which is not something I get in any other bras, just my six Kameymall. So, if you are after, I can definitely recommend this e-commerce website.

I haven't talked about the panties, but like the previous review, they are very small. In western brands, I wear size XS. These pairs are M size, the pink ones are a bit tight. Be absolutely sure to check the size chart here, and if in doubt, please zoom in (because I don't even have the upper limit of the M size measurement guide for pink panties).


Both bras can only be washed by hand. I have owned them for more than 4 months and wear them regularly, all four are still in good condition. Just a little pilling on the seam on the back of the pink panties, but nothing more!

As far as everyday underwear is concerned, I like these two sets. My bra always fits well, and considering that everything has been well adapted to regular wear for a few months, I found the price to be very reasonable.

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