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bubble zorb ball for various occasions

Such Versatile Bubble Balls!

Jul, 09, 2022

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Do you see the picture below? In the picture, two people each wearing a giant pink transparent plastic ball are bumping into each other on the grass. I was curious about this scene because I didn't know what the bubble balls they were wearing were and what they were used for.

Later, I looked up information on the internet and realised that these bubble balls are called the zorb ball or human hamster ball and are mainly used for rolling around, banging into each other and playing games. Then I immediately realised how useful the zorb ball really was. I can think of so many situations where it could be used.


For company events

As a company event planner, I know how difficult it is to find a game that is interesting to everyone at a company function. In my opinion, the most popular games such as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Jailbreak and Bubble Fight are all perfect for corporate events.

What's more, there are really a lot of bubble ball games out there, I found a dozen of them. What's more, the bubble balls are all very durable, meaning that you can reuse them at events organised by different departments and showcase different ways of playing the game. There's no doubt that fun games promote greater familiarity and togetherness between the various members of the company.


At parties of all kinds
Whether it's a class reunion, a birthday party, a family reunion, etc., those bubble ball games just mentioned can also be the most exciting arrangement of the party. You can choose the right game for each party depending on the number of people. Most bubble ball games are flexible in terms of numbers, for example, bubble football can be played whether there are 6 or 10 of you.

In addition, the rules of these games are usually relatively simple, which creates more conditions for it to run smoothly. Specifically, at family gatherings, parents learn faster the games with simple rules.


I'm going to propose to my company tomorrow to buy some bubble balls from Kameymall for the event as it's doing a special offer. You can still get them for $50 cheaper when you order now. And I've been told that the price is good if you order in bulk.

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