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New Way To Zorb And Zorb On

Jun, 11, 2022

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Water Zorb Ball, also known as Aqua Zorbing, is one of the most popular water recreational activities. People can enter the ball and enjoy the exciting game by walking on the water of a pool, dock or lake. There is a zippered entrance for easy access. Zippers are TI(from Germany - waterproof, hermetically sealed and airtight). The diameter of a water balloon is two meters. Aqua Zorb Ball is a great way to practice balance. It retains the training purpose of traditional exercise while also adding a strong sense of fun. The trick is to grab the side of the ball, lean forward, walk or run at a brisk pace. Soon you'll be walking on water!

Tips for aqua zorbing

The first is the length of play. How long does the air last in there? Generally used in hot sunny days, it takes 15-20 minutes. If the zorb ball is used in the sun or at night, you can generally play as long as you want. Change the air inside the ball at least every 30 minutes. It's easy to put fresh air in the air. Open the intake valve and insert the blower (even if someone is already in the ball) so that the driver can stay in the ball longer. With a good air pump, it can be inflated in a minute.

Other applications of aqua zorb ball
Water Walking balls can be used not only to walk on water, but also as float boxes, dance balls, display balls to place products in, commercial shows, TV shows and your own ideas. It can be used to play on grass, water, snow, sand and playgrounds. There was even a case where an entire car was placed in a Zorb ball for commercial purposes.

Of course, there is no denying that with the rise of Zorb Ball, more and more people are beginning to notice that Zorb Ball can be developed into a variety of entertainment projects to improve the gaming experience of the public.
Kids Zorb
How to find zorb balls of extra quality
On Kameymall, you are capable of finding different kinds of zorb balls on sale, most of which are at reasonable prices. Alternatively, you can find more information about zorb ball keeping, operating guidance on our website.

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