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Fields Of Bubble Football

Apr, 02, 2022

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In the last article, I introduced you to a new game, Bubble Soccer, including the rules of the game and the equipment needed. Each participant must prepare a zorb ball for himself. Have you experienced Bubble Soccer? There are many benefits to playing this game. Firstly, it is good for our health as a sport. Secondly, it serves as a recreation and can be used as a way for us to relax. At the same time, it can bring us joy. If you like competition, then this game can also satisfy you.

Now that I have explained the rules of Bubble Soccer in detail, let me continue today with the venue for Bubble Soccer. There are two main types of fields for Bubble Soccer: indoor and outdoor, both of which are football pitches, but both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's find out more about them.

zorb ball
Indoor pitches

Indoor pitches have many advantages, for example, they are not limited by bad weather. In detail, you can play bubble football on a rainy or windy day and not get wet. In addition, an indoor pitch will keep your body safe from cold or hot weather. If you choose to play bubble football indoors, you can play on the coldest day of the year. If you go to play on an outdoor field on the coldest day of the year then you could get sick. There are disadvantages to an indoor pitch, for example, it doesn't look as open as an outdoor pitch.

Outdoor areas

An outdoor pitch is actually an outdoor football pitch. Firstly, there is no doubt that an outdoor football pitch looks wider and therefore gives a more relaxing effect. Secondly, an outdoor pitch gives you the opportunity to expose yourself to gentle sunlight and a pleasant breeze, allowing you to get in touch with nature. At the same time, it can be affected by bad weather. This means that you are less likely to experience bubble football outdoors in seasons that are too cold or too hot. Or windy days and heavy rain are also not suitable.


Are you curious about this sport? If you want to learn more about the rules of bubble football, follow our previous articles. If you want to buy some zorb balls, welcome to Kameymall, where you are sure to get a quality zorb ball for bubble football.

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