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an attractive zorb ball for soccer

Happiness From An Attractive Zorb Ball

Aug, 04, 2022

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Summer is coming, want to experience a new game?


This game is zorb ball, let's learn how to play zorb ball next. Try zorbing!

zorb bqll

Advantages of using zorb ball

A variety of fun games: Enjoy the freedom of bouncing, flipping, tumbling, and colliding while playing games like soccer. Whatever you want, wherever you are, it can support everything from a backyard birthday party to a crowded sporting event at the stadium or a beach party.

Durable material: made of extra thick PVC, non-toxic and odorless. With excellent abrasion and tear resistance, it is strong and durable, fully cleanable, and reusable for up to 3-5 years.

SAFETY DESIGN: zorb ball supports 250 lbs. of weight. The Bumper Zorb ball has 2 internal handles and 2 adjustable straps to make it safer and more convenient.

INTERNAL SETUP: The inflatable bumper ball is easy to set up and can be inflated or deflated in less than 5 minutes (using an electric air pump (not included) so you will have more playtime. The bumper ball can be deflated, it is collapsible and easy to put in the storage bag after being deflated, or you can put it in the luggage.

Widely available: Great for family gatherings, picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, beaches or schools, theme parks, recreation centers, etc. Adult supervision is required when using these zorb balls. It is recommended that a bicycle/skateboard helmet be worn for added safety.


How to play zorb ball

Each team consists of two or more players, all teams enter the zorb ball first, then soccer scramble, yellow card invalidated, collision rationalized, goal count, wins. It's fun to knock down your opponent as a fun bump ball, not the ultimate goal ball. Play occasions: birthday parties in the family yard, indoor playgrounds, park parties, school/community events, sporting events, etc.


Specific style

This one to show you today has a very large diameter of 2.5m, so if you want to buy the kind of sphere that can wrap around your whole body, then you must buy this one. Its whole body is transparent, with no color, and there are two handles at the entrance and exit, and the internal nylon rope makes the structure of the sphere more reasonable. In short, take a look at this one.


Where to buy

Hurry up and buy one from Kameymall.


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