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How To Pick Attractive Hairstyles According To Face Shape

Apr, 22, 2022

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More and more young people are now enjoying wearing human hair wigs because they allow them to experience different hairstyles without damaging their hair. This means that you can have your hair permed and coloured by a human hair wig.

However, many people don't know how to pick the right human hair wig for them. Today, I would like to share some advice on choosing the right human hair wigs for your face shape.

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Choosing the right human hair wig

Square face: girls with square faces do not have long faces, and the contours of their faces are more square and their chins are flatter. This type of girl if it is a European and American girls then there is a very senior face, this face type of girls are not suitable to stay flat short hair or medium hair, but you can choose the side part of the short hair or curly hair, to create some fluffy sense of the best, which can soften your face lines!

Melon face: girls with melon faces should show off your confidence. But then, melon face shapes are longer than they are wide, so too flat bangs hairstyles are not suitable for melon faced girls. They can try to have a fluffy perm look with some bangs that are extremely perfect, so that it does not look like a thin face yet, making the face shape more full.

Long face: there are actually two types of long face, one with a longer face and one with a long but not very long face. Girls with long faces are most likely to avoid keeping medium and straight short hairstyles. If you are interested in these two types of hairstyles, you need to choose carefully. Girls with long faces are more suited to hairstyles with fringes and curly hair, as the fringes can cover the forehead and effectively flatter the face shape.


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