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Pay Attention When You Swim

Apr, 22, 2022

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Is summer here and are you eager to go swimming? Swimming in summer is really so comfortable. The comfortable feeling of immersing ourselves in the cool water fills our whole body. Moreover, swimming has many benefits. For example, you feel relaxed after swimming, and if your life is full of stress, then swimming can help you leave that tired feeling behind. Of course, swimming can also improve our physical fitness and the quality of our sleep.

When it comes to swimming, everyone thinks of bikini swimsuits. It's true that wearing bikini swimsuits in the summer really makes us feel relaxed and happy. However, there are some precautions that we need to take into account when swimming.

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Don't go if you have a wound

For those who have just had a bruise, it is best not to swim to avoid infection. Even if you have a small cut, you should only go into the water with a waterproof bandage and with your doctor's permission.

Swim for half an hour at a time

Swimming is a very good aerobic exercise, but you must stick to it for more than 30 minutes at a time to achieve results. Depending on your fitness, start with 30 seconds rest every 25 metres of swimming and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

Bring sweets and water

Swimming is physically demanding, so make sure you have something sweet to eat to keep by the pool. As soon as you experience symptoms of weakness, dizziness, sweating and other low blood sugar symptoms, ask your partner to bring over some sweets or biscuits.

Take a shower immediately after swimming

Otherwise, the chlorine in the pool can dry out or even chafe your skin, which can increase the risk of infection.


If you want to go swimming in a bikini suit, then you must be aware of all that I have just mentioned. If you haven't already got yourself a sexy bikini, welcome to Kameymall.

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