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The Wonderful Use Of Air Track Mat On Practice

Mar, 03, 2022

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Students begin to develop the strength of various parts such as grip strength, wrist strength and upper limb strength in order to develop and uplift physical qualities such as flexibility, sensitivity and speed , which will be helpful for their balance ability and sports perception experience of the space and time which are all crucial parts for a stellar player and in accordance to the human well-rounded development. Aiming at improving students' wrist strength and upper limb strength, the skillful uses of the air track mat as teaching aids will definitely help to improve students' physical quality. And various games are shown as follows.

Lift the mat and run

The purpose of this design lies in improving students’ ability of power. Students are asked to hold their hands up above their heads and grasp the air track mat for a fast run. Lifting the air track mat is useful to enhance their strength of upper limbs and increase the control of shoulder joints. Students' overall coordination also can be uplift by using self weight to exercise upper limbs. And during this process, students can use their hands and head to support the air track mat to maintain balance.

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Creeping forward with the air track mat
It can be categorize to the intensive exercise. Students can spread six gymnastics mats all the way forward and then they crawl straight forward but need to keep their legs straight as far as possible. Their upper limbs should be used to help them move forward. This is one function of the air track mat which will be helpful for students to spur their interest in climbing. Changing the creeping method can deliberately prevent the leg from pedaling which will be crucial to strengthen the upper limb. But during this process, it is imperative to create a soft environment to prevent any unforeseeable elbow scratch. Or teachers can properly prepare elbow protectors and do some warm-ups to prevent students' elbow joint abrasion.

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