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Skillfully Use Of Air Track Mat to Improve Students' Physical Quality

Mar, 03, 2022

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Physical quality in terms of health and sports plays an important part of sports core quality. In primary school which physical education is the priority around the world, it is imperative for teachers to promote students to improve their physical quality by using various tools to guide students to carry out physical training. Physical flexibility, sensitivity, balance ability and coordination ability are all the key to the overall physical quality. If teachers can skillfully use the air track mat to guide students to carry out special training, students' physical quality and improve students' sports core quality can be effectively boosted.

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Warm-up improves balance and strength

Students can be encouraged to hold the air track mat over their heads with both hands while running a sprint in a short time which is a test for their reflection and explosiveness. This way, skillfully combined with strength and speed training can improve students’ physical coordination ability, so as to comprehensively improve students' further physical fitness. Because in this process of lifting the mat and sprinting, students can exercise their upper limb strength and shoulder strength as a way to further improve their balance. Also, full consideration of students' physical balance ability and carrying out more difficult training for students with strong balance ability will be helpful to improve the efficiency of training. If students are interested in, independent design training programs and personalized training can be applied to different students.

Eliminate students' fear of running

The air track mat has obvious value in enriching the practice forms of endurance running, stimulating students' interest in running, reducing or even eliminating students' fear of running, And students' endurance quality, cardiopulmonary function and even their running performance will enter a new stage. At the same time, with the help of music rhythm control and controllable round-trip distance and achievement, the use and application of the air track mat will be helpful for practicing.

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