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air tumble track for ballet performing

What Kind Of Mat To Buy For Ballet?

Jul, 20, 2022

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Ballet can transform temperament and boost confidence. The internal and external training of ballet makes ballerinas exude a graceful and dignified artistry, with a light gait and an upright posture, displaying elegance and confidence all the time. A good physique and poise is always a great way to make a lasting impression on people. As I enter university I hope to master a talent and ballet is something I would like to learn.

I am keen to become more confident and to take centre stage, so I have no hesitation in planning to start studying over the summer. As a first step towards achieving my goal, I have prepared myself for the air tumble track.

air track

What is the air tumble track?

To find out what the air tumble track is, you can see the picture above. In the picture there is a light blue mat, 3 metres long, 1 metre wide and 0.1 metres high. As light blue is my favourite colour, I didn't hesitate to choose a mat with a light blue border and a grey cross section cut into four parts by two light blue straight lines. The whole mat has a youthful design.

This mat is actually a type of gymnastic mat, but the most special feature of this mat is that it is inflatable compared to traditional yoga mats or foam mats. And of course, it comes in bright colours with a youthful vibe.

Why did you choose the air tumble track?

First of all, it's too hot in my house in the summer and I would prefer to practice at home, as there are so many online classes nowadays. This mat is an inflatable gymnastics mat and we can easily imagine that it must be very easy to store. We don't need to make a special space in our house for a gymnastics mat.

Secondly, because this mat is portable and has so many uses, I can take it to my school to continue using it when I start school in two months.


Guess how much one of these beautiful, practical and convenient mats costs? All I can tell you is that you can get this amazing mat at Kameymall for around $50 less than the market price. The exact price actually depends on the size of the mat you choose as well. You might want to check out the website for yourself, right?

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