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air tumble track floating on water

Wow! Dancing On Water?

Jul, 20, 2022

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Can you imagine a man who can dance on water? I didn't believe it at first. And it was because of my disbelief that I paid a little price. Some time ago, I made a bet with my sister that she could dance on water and asked me if I believed it. What I thought was that it wasn't in a film or TV drama, which meant that in real life how could my sister possibly know the kind of light-weight skills found only in films and TV dramas? Later, she made a bet with me, saying that I would buy her dinner for three days if she did it. I didn't hesitate to agree. Later, as you should have guessed, I lost.

I witnessed her dancing on the water because she used the air tumble track, and although I lost, it was nice to see her dancing in the pool.

air track

What is the air tumble track?

To find out what the air tumble track is, you can see the picture above. In the picture there is a pink mat, 3m long, 1m wide and 0.1m high. Pink is my sister's favourite colour, so she didn't hesitate to choose a mat with a pink border, and the grey cross section of the mat is cut into two parts by a straight pink line. The whole mat has a youthful design.

It floats on the water

This mat is actually a type of gymnastic mat, but the special feature of this mat is that it is inflatable compared to traditional yoga mats or foam mats. And of course, it comes in pretty colours, full of youthfulness. Well, let's get back to business. The inflatable nature of this mat makes it possible to float on water, which is why my sister was able to dance on the water. However, when we dance on the air track, we should not choose a dangerous water either. Especially when you go to the beach, you must not go into deep water.


Do you want to buy the mat in the picture? Are you curious about its price? All I can tell you is that you can get this amazing mat at Kameymall for around 50 USD less than the market price. The exact price is actually related to the size of the mat you choose as well. You might want to check out the website for yourself, right? And, you can also choose your own mat colour as well as being able to decide whether or not to have a design printed on the front of the mat.

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