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The Benefits Of The Air Track Mat In Basketball Teaching

Mar, 03, 2022

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With the advantages of small volume, light weight, it is easy to carry and storage the air track mat. What’s more, for those schools lack of professional amenities, the use of the air track mat can be a good supplement and improve the utilization rate of equipment, so as to effectively achieve the teaching objectives set before.

Air Track Tumble Mat

In particular, during the process of teaching basketball skills and tactics, the advantage of the air track mat can be used to arrange the venue for people’s convenience. And as an auxiliary equipment, it is relatively safe because it reduces the potential safety hazards in the physical education outside the classroom and stimulates students' interest in sports, effectively solving the key and difficult points in basketball skills, cultivating students' creativity of taking different paths to achieve their goals.

Continuous jump

Five or more air track mats need to be arranged in a herringbone pattern with a spacing of about 50cm one by one. Students are encouraged to make continuous jumping exercises to improve their continuous jumping ability which is crucial to the development of basketball learning.

Strengthen students’ abdominal muscles
One student owns one small air track mat, with one basketball on the palms of both hands, and then this student can lie on the mat to practice. Being synonymous with the sit-up, the purpose and principle of this practice is to strengthen their abdominal muscles and improve students' sit ups performance.

Significance of air track mat
Thus, the pros of the air track mat should not be confined to basketball class, the connection between real sports and life can improve students' ability and courage to deal with difficult problems in life and actively find other creative ways of thinking to solve problems. Attempts to effectively integrate the air track mat into the basketball physical education teaching are extremely helpful for both the skills of playing basketball and also in handling with difficulties during this process.

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