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So Wonderful If You Buy Air Air Track Mat

May, 04, 2022

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I really like the fact that at Kameymall you get a free repair kit and they also give you a two year warranty. That sounds pretty good. Also, you get an air mattress in a special bag that will keep it safe during transport, but will come in very handy later as you can use it to carry your air mattress.

The air track mat floor home gymnastics tumbling mat can come in different sizes and colors and they can also print your logo if you wish
Plus, the air track mat will be free. I told you, they are cool! You can buy 3 mats, P1, P2 and P3, but they also come in sets. The air pumps are sold separately. If you like discounts, there is a little code on the website that gives you 6% off if you order within the next 7 days. So don't be lazy like me and start your air pump training today. You can thank me later.

How long does an air track last

Again, it depends. The mats that have been heavily used might be less durable than mats that are used only occasionally. Also, the way you take care of the mat could affect the mat's life span. The proper storage and maintenance of your mat will make a big difference.

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Shorter mat lengths are ideal for those who want to test their speed or to put together some tumbles. If you opt for a larger air track mat, you will be able to make more tumbles and get more speed and power. If you're an experienced gymnast and have a track-based mat thickness of 15 centimeters will provide you with the best possible bounce and take off. It is available in an overall length of 3-8 meters from Kameymall. If you have more tumbles that you would like to make, the more of an air track mat you can pick.

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